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How To Simplify Navigation Of Your E-Commerce Website

In most of the cases, an e-commerce site has got just one integral objective: to transform online visitors into your customers.  Each and every section of the site performs a role in the conversion procedure, right from the checkout to the homepage window.  One of these parts in the sales procedure is the navigation experience of the user.

Keep the website design clean and simple

Most of the website users in present digital era quickly make a first impression of the website just by looking at their landing webpage.  On finding it unattractive, they will make a move. As internet users are very fast to judge a website, it is required that your graphics elements have to be compelling so as to grab their attention immediately.

Structuring your website in a simple way, when you make a website doesn’t include a lot of colors or text or distracting ads.  In addition to it, a crisp and clear design can do wonders for a website.

Create visual hierarchy of your website around scanning patterns

When a website user visits any webpage, then their eyes start to scan all the visual elements present on the webpage before starting to process the words.  Thus, the design of an e-commerce website plays an important role on the intuitive scanning pattern.

This simplified design encourages website users to scan over specific areas of the website before other elements.  It is advisable not to make it tough for website visitors to look for search bar, labels and categories.

Make It simple for users to search the website

Modern day users are in search for answer in just seconds. They don’t have time to waste endlessly searching for their answer on a website. If they are not getting an answer within this timeframe, they are quick to move to other websites.  That is the reason, why on-site search engines have to be well-maintained and smart on e-commerce sites.

So, as soon as person starts to search, then he will see a list of suggestions. The searches performed on the website have to be monitored to recognize trends and make sure customers are getting what they are looking for.


These are some of the major steps to lessen user dilemma and make the e-commerce website simpler to navigate.  All the above tips will increase rate of conversions and also keeps customers to return for more.

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