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How Does Your Chef Look?

Albert hired a first-class chef to prepare cuisine in-house at his hotel. He was impressed with Andre’s culinary accomplishments. He knew that the new chef had the background he needed and that he would work out well.

However, Andre needed to update his chef clothes. What he wore was rather baggy and was not pressed or clean as Albert liked. Whilst Andre may have had excellent chef skills, his appearance needed a boost. That is when Albert decided to outsource his hospitality laundry services. He wanted to make sure that all the members of his kitchen staff and wait staff looked their beset. After all, you can serve customers enticing cuisine but the food will lose its flavour if the server does not look his or her best.

More Operational Control

When Albert made the decision to use outsourced laundry services, he wanted to make sure that all the kitchen staff, including waiters and waitresses, looked great all the time. He was able to make this happen as the professional apparel was switched out, cleaned, and picked up and delivered each week. Albert liked the control he had by choosing this option as he did not have to depend on his employees to keep their uniforms clean.

Plus, Albert noted that it was easy to replace a uniform if it was a wrong size or have a repair made as needed. Because employees come and go in the restaurant field, this aspect was important to Albert. Because preparing food and cooking it can be hard on a uniform, it is helpful to know that the apparel can be repaired and refreshed. Laundry specialists can take care of defects such as tears, stains, and burn marks without too much difficulty.

Save Money on Industrial Laundry Equipment

When you can outsource your laundry, you don’t have to rely on industrial laundry equipment in your hotel. This type of equipment purchase can place a large strain on a company’s finances. You can have employee uniforms laundered along with linen tablecloths, napkins, and towels. Moreover, you free up the space in your hotel that can be used for a lounge or other guest-friendly area.

When laundry is outsourced, it saves on time, which allow hospitality managers to make more money. Proper laundering takes a good deal of time that is better spent by a professional laundering service. If you have the laundry handled in-house, you need to train employees and may have to take them away from tasks that need to be done as well. You will experience better organisation when you outsource the work.

Make Things Cleaner and More Hygienic

Do you want your hotel to be more hygienic? If so, you need to rely on linen laundering services for your restaurant as well as your rooms. Uniforms that are not properly cleaned tend to harbour bacteria that can make people sick. Working with a laundry company will ensure that this does not happen.

By using an outsource, your uniforms and linens will last a longer time. Employees do not take the same care in maintaining their own garments as a professional company. That is why any decision made along these lines must go toward securing the services of a laundry company.

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