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4 Rules Every Digital Marketer Should Follow

  1. Credibility is a must

Always root for credibility for your company within seconds of contact with anyone. Then reinforce it continually. In a couple of seconds on the first visit, it creates an impression of your company on your user. Then this impression will either let them stick around or search for reasons to leave.

  1. Projects end, but your company growth doesn’t

Your project may die but you need to keep the software up to date and make improvements for the sake of security, stability and scalability in its entire lifecycle. And you also need to build a campaign for continuous enhancements for the sake for which you built the project in the first place.

  1. Open source is never free

It may seem that open source is free, but according to digital marketing agencies in Hong Kong, know that it can cost you as much as a licensed software when considering the long term. It is not cheap, and it contains a lot of flaws when it comes to scalability, security etc.

  1. IT and marketing rarely align

This is all about the differences between the teams where the former is dedicated to the process are careful planners and avoid taking risks. Marketers are more active, take more risks and break a bit of protocol to achieve a task. Hence, they don’t align much.

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